My name is Amy and I am sleeved.

Bari Lane is a dream of mine come true! I'm a massive embracer of the bari life and all that encompasses a healthy, happy and better me. So after a year of procrastination I decided I needed to do it.

Do it for me...Do it for you.. Do it for our community.. Make Bari Lane a reality.

I wanted to create our own essential bari bundles that can assist ones journey.. Before I started my wellness journey I looked everywhere online to buy some type of bundle, that would be perfect to start my road to health right! 

As there was nothing specific out there, I only got the basics but also relied on the suggestions from the community.

For example, heat packs! They were a godsend for that shoulder tip pain. In hospital I was given an instant one..once.. When home it was a constant for the first few days. I also only had a huge heavy one that wasn't really ideal.

So we have sourced the perfect sized one for that shoulder tip pain. But perfect for all sorts of pains and ailments and as a bonus they double as a cold pack!  

I also wanted to create a t-shirt to be proud to wear. To embrace our journey and shout it from the rooftops. With hopes it could create a dialogue with those who don't understand WLS or have that stigmatised mentality.

I'm all about just embracing your bari life, as its only a part of your wellness journey.

** Even if you haven't had weight loss surgery, you are welcome at Bari Lane, as wellness and happiness is our main goal. We have gorgeous items for all ..

We are passionate about supporting small business, women owned business, bush business, and business local to Bari Lane and handmade items **


 With Love, Amy.